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Equipment Supply Partnership

EWL can provide a complete range of new and / or refurbished equipment from your existing suppliers or resourced, subject to your agreement, where cost savings can often be generated.

The ESP Kanban process provides a total material control package which automatically and pro-actively manages your stock

This allows you to take a step back from daily order processing to spend quality time focussing on other activities which are core to your business.

EWL may offer to purchase your “live” stock at commencement of operations thus providing an injection of cash. Stock is then only paid for when it is used.

ESP provides regular on site stock counts by specially trained Kanban Operatives. This automatically generates your subsequent requirements which will be delivered and put away at the next visit by the Kanban Operative.

Once the stock is away a new count is carried out using EWL’s hand held scanning system, with the data downloaded to EWL head office.



The major priority for EWL is customer satisfaction

  • Stock always available on site to suit you and your customers’ requirements
  • EWL deal with all material and supply chain issues on your behalf
  • EWL carry out regular improvement reviews of both products and services
  • ESP provides a quick response to changing circumstances
  • You retain command and control of your supply chain

Partnership benefits

  • Provision of your complete equipment range
  • Automatic stock replenishment via Kanban
  • Improved stock availability
  • Stock on site can be owned by EWL
  • Possible cash injection
  • Only pay for stock as it is used
  • Reduced costs – admin, stock, storage, people
  • Cost reductions from EWL bulk purchasing
  • Reverse supply chain management
  • Bespoke management reporting tools
  • Accessibility to our “People”